“From my experience, people start thinking about strategy in two cases: when business has problems — and it dies, and when everything is very good and there is time to “think”. When between these two states, people are just running somewhere. They finish running coming to either of the two states: everything is good or everything is very bad. We invite them to think during the process: where are we running, why are we running, are we really running in the same direction?”


From an interview with Anton Suslov

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When creating and working with brands, our focus today lies in three planes: relevance, importance, humaneness. Increasingly, multiculturalism is added to it.

We work not only with the visual image of the brand, but also with its entire content field.


Relevance: the brand must correspond to the ideas about the reality of its target audience.


Importance: in the brand, we enclose the rational reasons to choose it.


Humaneness: realizing that a living person stands behind each unit of capital, we impregnate the brand with the value it will bring to its buyer.


Multiculturalism: great brands are striving for expansion, not only federal, but also global one. When working with the brand, we build in such a perspective at the client’s request.






Every year people have to consume more and more advertising, while it’s getting more and more difficult to find high-quality creative brand content. We left the field of direct advertising creation.

Our creative team:


  • writers
  • photographers
  • composers
  • directors
  • scriptwriters

Who create a whole world of interesting, original, emotional, useful content for a brand. A world where the buyer comes and gladly brings his family, friends, and acquaintances with him.







The task of the communication team is to reveal the full potential of the brand in the communication channels that are the most convenient to the buyers; to get them interested; to draw them into conversation; to create a comfortable environment conducive to the long, mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and the client. Therefore, a heightened sense of responsibility and attention are distinctive features of our team members.


      Jeff Richards was right, saying: “Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertising.”


      Advertising is the ability to feel and transmit the very heartbeat of business in words, paper and ink.
Leo Burnett


      Success is always on the side of experience and knowledge.


      Talent is the ability to do something hard enough and for a long time to produce outstanding results.


      Three basic rules of effective time management. Schedule your tasks for a day. Pass them to others. Pass to others what's left.


      In work, as in life, it is important to do good.


      Human progress is driven by a passion for adventure and lateral thinking.


      Do it normally - it will be normal.


      Advertising is an art. And, in the words of Denis Diderot, the art is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary!


      I always remember about Ogilvy: “The consumer is not an idiot, he is your wife”


      The feeling of involvement in the creation of the beauty of the world around can’t be compared with anything.

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